OH, 2011


Oh, 2011

Latex, muslin, clay.

82” x 82” x 102”

Oh was produced as a measure of my ‘sphere of reach’ while standing in one place. In order to measure this tactile space I constructed a room-sized circular mold, lining its walls with wet clay. The interior of the mold was accessed by a rope ladder that hung down from its roof. Inside this mold I produced the sculpture as I reached up as far as I could reach, and then dragged my finger-tips downwards with my arms fully extended until my finger met my feet.

By doing this I began to describe a circular form - since my reach projects spherically from wherever I am standing at any time.

I then cast the walls of the clay environment in latex, strengthening this cast with fabric. The rubber cast was then peeled away from the clay interior of the room and removed. This skin could then be shipped and re-filled, re-creating and re-describing my tactile sphere wherever it went.